Scientific Research & Experimental Development Tax Credit (SR&ED)

The SR&ED tax credit is a Federal Government Program that rewards Canadian companies for taking technological risks.  The program is administered through the Income Tax return and the reward is a function of the amount spent in the tax year on "Qualified Activities".

In recent years the Federal Government has provided over $3 billion of SR&ED credits to Canadian companies.  Most claimants are small and medium sized businesses.  CRA estimates that approximately 50% of the firms who qualify for SR&ED don't even apply.

Over the past 10 years we have helped our clients obtain more than $10 million in tax credits.  Our success rate is 100%, with over 90% of the amounts claimed approved.

Unlike many government programs, no application is required before you undertake an SR&ED project.  If the work done on the project meets the SR&ED requirements, then you are entitled to the reward.  The requirements that must be met to qualify for the SR&ED tax credit are listed on the Rules page.

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