Scientix is a consulting firm specializing in meeting the needs of small and medium enterprises by providing solutions that work.

We recognize that small and medium enterprises (SME's) are different from large companies.  Many SME's do not have the resources larger companies do to address needs that are common to both. 

In our experience, what SME's need are simple, cost-effective and focused solutions that work without adding layers of overhead.  They need solutions that are easy to implement, require minimal retraining of, or additions to, existing, staff and which minimize the disruption that is always a part of change.

This is what we do. Our goal is to assist owners to be able to work less IN their business and to work more ON their business.

All of our professionals have worked in smaller as well as in large enterprises.  They know, and more importantly understand, that the problem for SME's face in applying of many of the ideas and concepts that work for large enterprises is not in the ideas themselves, but in adapting them to the needs and resources of their business. 

Scientix's professionals recognize that the ability to scale down a good practice is as difficult, if not more difficult, than scaling it up.



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